Points of interest

Did you know that Maškovića Han is the most western Turkish fortress?
Did you know that Jusufpaša Mašković was killed by his own troops for showing mercy to those he defeated?
Did you know that the sculptor Francesco Laurana, who is in the permanent exhibition of Paris’ Louvre, right by Michelangelo, was from Vrana?
Did you know that the builder of the Duke’s palace in Urbino (Italy) was also one of the greatest renaissance builders in Italy, Luciano Laurana of Vrana?
Did you know that the names of some Pakoštane brotherhoods are carved into the church bell?
Did you know that the statue of St. Andrew in Vrgada – the patron saint and protector of fishermen, arrived by sea himself?
Did you know that in Vrgada, on the corner of one house, there is a stone built in on which the townsfolk sharpen their knives and agricultural tools? And that this corner stone is called puševbrus?
Did you know that Drage was inhabited back in prehistoric times?
Did you know that the huge stone blocks above which you swim from the Janice beach to Grafulin are actually the remnants of the ancient port of Dijana?
Did you know that the Pakoštane region is unique in the world because it is located in the centre of a triangle of three morphologically different National parks? The Paklenica Canyon (austere mountain), the Krka Waterfalls (river basin) and Kornati (island archipelago).
Did you know that in the evening, sometimes over 100,000 birds rest on the surface of Lake Vrana?
Did you know that bats always turn left when they come out of a cave? Keep this in mind when you venture on excursions in the surrounding area.
Did you know that on average a man smiles about 15 times a day, while a man spending his summer in the Pakoštane Riviera smiles more often?